Working at White Cross means that you will be working with New Zealand’s largest Accident and Medical (A&M) service providers. Our community A&M and A&M/GP integrated clinics are all ACC accredited and through a teamwork approach provide high quality, efficient patient care.

Nursing in a White Cross clinic is flexible, fun and a great opportunity to grow your nursing career. Being a nurse atan A&M is about providing urgent and episodic primary careto adults and children across a wide variety of ACC and medical presentations; one day is never the same as the next! Our nurses are able to utilise their triage, acute orthopaedic and wound management knowledge and skills to expedite the patient journey. At the integrated A&M clinics they also work with GPs to provide continuity of care.

Recruitment Opportunities:
Our low turnover nursing statistics tell us that our nurses like to stay with us. We offer flexible, fulltime and part time positions across our clinics so that you can achieve your work/life balance.

Orientation Programme:
White Cross is committed to providing top quality patient care and to ensure your success in your new role. We provide a comprehensive orientation program complete with a series of modules and preceptor guidance designed to launch you on a successful career path with White Cross.

Learning Opportunities:
In house professional development targeted to our specialised area of work, specific clinical modulesas well as opportunities for more formal learning ensure that our nurses are equipped to deliver the highest standard of care for our patient communities.

Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP):
White Cross is committed to recognising and rewarding employees who demonstrate excellence in patient care delivery. Our well established professional development programme provides a generous bonus payment for the higher levels of practice.
The PDRP is supported by the clinical nursing education programme.

Free Episodic Healthcare for you and your dependent family after a qualifying period
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